Where, oh where, has the summer gone? With all the activity going on at Caffeinated Press, it’s hard to believe we’re already closer to next Christmas than to last. And—horror of horrors!—it’s been a virtual eternity since we’ve been able to share a blog post with you. Oops.

A bunch of things have been keeping us busy …

Web & Email Glitches

Eagle-eyed friends may have noticed that last week, we experienced some unplanned systems downtime. Our main website and our community website were offline, as was all Caffeinated Press email. (The website and email accounts for The 3288 Review were not affected.) The problem arose from routine maintenance by our hosting provider. We needed to log in to cycle our virtual servers after their maintenance window concluded. So far, so normal. But the hosting provider at some point added an email verification PIN to the login process. Because our email server was down, we couldn’t retrieve the PIN to log in to re-start the servers. We had to open a ticket to get the primary email address changed to something not managed by the hosting provider. That took three days. In the interim, we had no websites and most emails sent to us bounced. The problem is now solved, and steps taken to ensure it won’t be reproduced. However, if you emailed us in the window of last week Friday through last week Tuesday, including filing a submission to The 3288 Review, there’s a very good chance that we didn’t receive it.

And speaking of glitches: Intermittently, some email services refuse our messages. Currently, it’s Microsoft; addresses at hotmail.com often fail to deliver, and addresses at live.com and outlook.com intermittently fail to deliver. We’ve opened a ticket with Microsoft to remove our email server’s IP address from their blacklist. That said, in the grand scheme of things, our email services are optimally configured and we have very high trust/reliability scores. We’re doing everything right, but sometimes there’s a technical price to pay for managing our own email instead of paying a large Internet corporation to do it for us.

Brewed Awakenings 3

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve finished the vetting process for the third volume of Brewed Awakenings, our annual house anthology. Contract packages will go out to accepted authors this coming Tuesday evening. We’ve accepted 12 pieces totaling just over 88k words. Strong diversity of content. Nine of the 12 writers demonstrate a connection to West Michigan. We’re planning on getting this one out the door later this year.

Chief Content Officer

In late May, our board of directors selected Tabitha Maloley to join the board and assume the newly created role of Chief Content Officer. In this capacity, Tabitha will serve as the primary project manager and point-of-contact with authors and our lead editors on editorial projects in progress. As such, Jason Gillikin, the company’s CEO, will take less of a role in routine editorial oversight so he can focus on distribution and book production. Authors and editors should work with/through Tabitha and using our Project Management system instead of through email or through correspondence to Jason, unless otherwise invited by Jason or Tabitha.

New Office

Over late June and into mid-July, we’ve slowly moved our office … one floor up. Those of you who’ve visited our suite at the Ken-O-Sha Professional Building know that we had a lot of space, most of which wasn’t much used. To better focus our resources, we’ve moved to a different suite within the same building. To wit: Use the same door to get inside the building, but instead of going down the stairs, go up the three stairs to the left.

For mailing purposes, our suite number has changed from 104 to 203. You can send us paper correspondence to:

Caffeinated Press, Inc.
3167 Kalamazoo Ave. SE, Suite 203
Grand Rapids MI  49503

As a friendly reminder, because no one’s present when the USPS carrier services the building, no one is here to sign for mail. You need not send us certified mail that requires a signature—in fact, in most cases, such correspondence is likely to be returned undelivered.

The new suite features a snug conference room that can seat eight comfortably and up to 11 if we’re all friends, as well as a work room and a foyer with our coffee/water station and packed-to-the-gills bookshelves. It’s still a lovely place to drop by to write, edit or plot in peace. Check our Events calendar for upcoming open-office opportunities. No need to RSVP or pay a fee; as long as we’ve got open hours advertised, you’re welcome to stop in for as much or as little as you wish. Free coffee, water, snacks, Wi-Fi … and the tranquil setting of Plaster Creek right beside us.

Changes to The 3288 Review

The final quarterly issue of The 3288 Review released last month. This coming October, we’ll ship issue 3.1, and then in 2018 and beyond we’re transitioning to a semiannual publication—released in April and October—that only accepts content from people with a clear West Michigan connection. Concurrently, we’re ramping up the “review” part of The 3288 Review, so expect to see short- and long-form reviews of content released by local authors and poets.

If you’re a committed West Michigander who’s interested in submitting something to the journal, check out the FAQ page and review the submission guidelines.

Have a great rest of your summer!

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