Caffeinated Press opened the doors to participants in National Novel Writing Month at 1 p.m. on Halloween. By 11:59 p.m., nearly two dozen authors passed through — and at the stroke of midnight, 19 scribes began their first recorded writing of the 2015 NaNo season.

When the last writers filtered out, by 1:15 a.m. EST (yes, after the time change), a cumulative total of 29,572 words were committed to various fledgling stories. Add in enough food to survive the Apocalypse plus fun Halloween costumes, and the marathon planning-and-writing stretch proved a great success.

Thanks to all our authors who participated, and to Jean Davis — author of A Broken Race — for loaning us overflow tables. We needed them!

Curious on what you missed, if you couldn’t make it this year? Check out this photographic record of misdeeds accomplishments:

The Mad NaNo Scramble: Almost 30k Words!
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