Brewed Awakenings 2


The second installment of Caffeinated Press’s annual house anthology presents fifteen short stories to jolt your mind awake.

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How should you respond when your neighbors aren’t quite what they seem? How far must you travel to escape the pull of your heart? How much of a barrier does the “digital divide” really present—or, for that matter, the line between life and death? What chaos results when the aggrieved turn the tables?

This carefully curated collection of thought-provoking short fiction includes works by Kesia Alexandra, Jessica Ann Booth, Jean Davis, Chris Galford, Lilith A. Heart, Melanie Meyer, Phyllis H. Moore, Louis Nevaer, Charmaine Pauls, Erika D. Price, Naomi Brett Rourke, Sommer Schafer, Jay T. Seate and Jacqueline Seewald.

Brewed Awakenings 2 features several works presenting content most appropriate for adult audiences.

Editor:  Jason E. Gillikin
ISBN:  978-0-9863806-2-4
Release Date:  September 2016

Brewed Awakenings 2


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