Brewed Awakenings


In this inaugural issue of Caffeinated Press’s annual house anthology, eight authors from West Michigan explore what happens when “all goes dark.”

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Can a man overcome his inner demons? Does enlightment inevitably triumph over authoritarian despair? Are children really protected from suffering? Will advances in science inevitably lead to a happy future?

In this inaugural house anthology presented by Caffeinated Press, eight authors from West Michigan share their unique take on the question of what happens when all goes dark. With stories including speculative fiction, romance, horror, humor and suspense, the writers explore the human condition in all its majestic glory and its lamentable cruelty.

Editor:  Jason E. Gillikin
ISBN:  978-0-9863806-0-0
Release Date:  March 2015
Format:  9×6 paperback, 180pp

Brewed Awakenings


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