A Broken Race


In Jean Davis’s dystopian novel, humanity has been ravaged by viruses and inbreeding — but one of the lowest of the low, after his eyes are opened to the world around him, must take hold of his destiny, and the destiny of everyone inside the fortress, to protect them from themselves.

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The fortress is home to the last of civilized humanity. The few remaining women live in a vault far below the gardens, locked beneath the men who protect, manage and labor in defense of the walls that protect them all. A virus generations past and inbreeding since has left average men severely outnumbered by Simples. Humanity, as it once was, is broken.

Outside those walls live the Wildmen—starving, poor, and desperate for the treasures of the fortress. Seeking women to once again fill their ranks with healthy children, and something other than rats to fill their stomachs, the Wildmen launch one last raid. One of their number makes it inside alive.

One-fifty-two is a Simple man. The raid fills his calm and orderly world with smoke and fear, the need for the comfort of his mother, and the promises of a Wildman captive. With his eyes open to the secrets behind the order his always known, One-fifty-two must find the courage to stop being a cog and take hold of the wheel, or the fortress may be the end of them all.

AuthorJean Davis
ISBN:  978-1-943548-12-2
Release Date:  October 2015
Format: DRM-free EPUB

A Broken Race


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