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Please use the form, below, to pitch us. Before you dive into the submission process, however, we recommend that you browse the following FAQ articles. Considered together, these FAQ articles constitute our editorial guidelines for querying for standard long-form (novels, textbooks, poetry collections) works. Please view the separate pages for information specific to our semiannual literary journal, The 3288 Review, and our annual house anthology, Brewed Awakenings; a list of relevant FAQs for these markets appears below.

Items of note in general, and specifically for long-form submissions:

You should also check out a reflection about working with us, to assess whether we’re culturally aligned to be effective partner and to get a feel for our review criteria. We always respond, even to rejections, with a list of our reasons why we’ve declined the query. However, queries that are significantly out-of-conformance with our editorial protocol may receive a (terse) form rejection.

If you submit to The 3288 Review, you should read the FAQ articles about our publishing focus, defining “West Michigan,” our reading and publication schedule, what we accept, sending books for review, content considerations, compensation, rights assignment, submission procedures, pseudonyms and F’ing the ineffable.

If you submit to Brewed Awakenings, you should read the FAQ articles about our reading window and reading fees, who can submit, what can be submitted, licensing and rights, themes and word counts, submission procedures, pseudonyms and timelines for accepted submissions.

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If you select any other reason than one of the three bullets listed above to the “what’s your pitch?” question that immediately follows, review of your submission will be delayed. We apologize that you have to follow this procedure; we use a great ticketing system, but this quirk is its only real defect.


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No -- it's all original and unpublished
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Yes -- although less than half of it has previously published
Yes -- more than half of it has previously published
Yes -- although this is a non-fiction work and I'm proposing edits to more than 25 percent of the previous version
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We wish you the best on your life-long journey as an author or poet.