Jason E. Gillikin, Publisher & Fiction Editor
John Winkelman, Editor in Chief

Leigh Jajuga, Poetry Editor
Elyse Wild, Non-Fiction Editor

Abigail McClung, Designer

Caffeinated Press is pleased to sponsor a journal of arts and letters, The 3288 Review, ISSN 2379-4720. Each issue is an affordable $16.95, with a four-issue volume available for $60.

Volumes 1 and 2 are quarterly; beginning with volume 3, the journal becomes semiannual, with an exclusive focus on West Michigan talent.

We welcome advertisers, too. And check us out on Facebook and TwitterAnd while you’re here, don’t forget to buy a copy for yourself — we’ll even ship it to you!

The 3288 Review is also available to browse or purchase at these fine local retailers:

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