It’s December — NaNoWriMo is over, end-of-year goal deadlines approach and your manuscripts sit in the drawer, mocking you with their unfinishedness.

End this annus horribilis with a bang instead of a whimper by joining Caffeinated Press for the final run of our “Perfecting Your Manuscript” seminar. This activity — a bargain at just $40 — features guided conversation, peer networking and the chance to ask questions of one of the executive editors of the house.

Register forĀ one of two sessions, held in the comfort of our Grand Rapids office:

  • Sunday, Dec. 18, 2p to 5p
  • Monday, Dec. 19, 6p to 9p

As you walk away with practical advice for preparing your manuscript, you’ll feel full — of accomplishment, of excitement to edit, of coffee and snacks.

The seminar agenda includes:

  • Knowing when you’re “done”
  • Self-edit checklists
  • Deciphering proofreaders’ marks
  • Engaging with beta readers and professional book editors
  • Accepting the edits of others with grace
  • The most common structural and line errors we’ve seen from our submitters, and how to avoid them
  • Manuscript structure — fonts, margins, headers, tables, &c.
  • Using Microsoft Word correctly for long-form compositions
  • Q&A

Register today; seats are limited!

Perfect Your Manuscript!
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