Caffeinated Press is ceasing operations as of Dec. 31, 2019.

The Editorial Committee of Caffeinated Press performs developmental and line editing for manuscripts in progress; additionally, some members edit our literary journal, The 3288 Review, or assist with Brewed Awakenings, our annual house anthology, as noted below.

Our editors all work under contract — we do not offer full- or part-time W2 employment — on either a per-project fixed fee or as a percent of revenue for a specific long-form project. Because we’re a small press, the volume of work and the timing of revenue precludes us from being a significant source of income for our editors. We welcome inquires from people local to the Grand Rapids market who may be interested in joining the team. Please use the Contact Us form to inquire.

Meet our editors:

Jason E. Gillikin, CPHQ
Chairman & CEO, Caffeinated Press
Publisher & Editor, The 3288 Review
Series Editor, Brewed Awakenings

By day, Jason Gillikin is a health quality expert, working as the manager of a clinical analytics team for Priority Health -- a high-performing health plan in Michigan -- and serving as a volunteer commission chairman for the National Association for Healthcare Quality. By night, he leads Caffeinated Press, where he directs the company’s overall strategy and oversees all editorial operations. He puts to good use his years of experience as an editor with a small daily broadsheet in SE Michigan.

He earned a degree in moral philosophy and political science (minors in history, Latin and comparative religion) from Western Michigan University; he’s currently accepted at WMU for a graduate certificate in applied statistics.

Gillikin is an avid backcountry hiker and scuba diver, but he’s also quite content to serve as the chief butler to his pair of feline overlords. For relaxation, in addition to cat-petting, he enjoys casino gaming, premium cigars and fine adult beverages. Usually Scotch. A bottle of which may or may not sit in the back of his file drawer in the office.
Heidi Hawkins

After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in Journalism and Japanese, Heidi ran off to Japan to join the JET Programme. For four years she taught English in the ancient capital Nara and her main responsibilities included deciphering Google translated essays by middle school students, debating nuances of the English language with English teachers, and serving as a human jungle gym for kindergartners during lunch time.

Now settled back in Michigan with her new husband and snuggly cat Sakura, Heidi currently works in the automotive industry as an Account Manager. When she is at home she is either writing to distract herself from painting, or painting to distract herself from writing. Heidi will always have at least three books on her nightstand that she will rotate between because she loves to savor each book, but is saddened when a good story must end.

KT Herr
Poetry Editor, The 3288 Review

KT Herr is a queer poet and songwriter living in Grand Rapids, MI. She has her B.A. in English from Smith College, where she was awarded the Ruth Forbes Eliot Poetry Prize and the Rosemary Thomas Poetry Prize. Since 2015, KT has been a co-host of Electric Poetry on 88.1 FM WYCE, an interview show that features local and visiting poets. She also had the privilege of serving as a preliminary judge for the 2017 Dyer Ives Poetry Competition. She currently sits on the fundraising committee for the Drunken Retort Slam Team, and is Board Secretary for Write616. Her work has appeared in Pilgrimage Literary Journal, The 3288 Review, and Grand Rapids Grassroots: Anthology of Activism. She is a 2017 Pushcart Prize nominee. In her spare time, KT likes to cook delicious food – preferably for a bevy of ravenous friends – and recite vowels with her astonishingly well-mannered cat, Cecil.
Ryan Hiltunen

Ryan’s humble origins are a secret that has long since been lost to a time before the birth of Man, but it is rumored that he graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Anthropology, and more recently successfully returned from Scotland with an M.S. in Linguistics. In his spare time, he enjoys playing games, reading, acting, and singing very badly. He runs a woefully empty blog where he plans to write about things that few people will care about, such as narratology and game studies. He also has writing aspirations, though his stories always seem to end up being about the apocalypse or the human condition.
Jourdan Lamse

Jourdan Lamse earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and writing from Hope College. She now works as a freelance proofreader/writer and raises champion English Cream Golden Retrievers. In her spare time, while the puppies sleep, she weeds her garden, ballroom dances with her husband and writes novels about wild countries.
Abigail McClung

Abigail McClung -- a graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design -- specializes in print design. In addition to her professional work as a ninja of print aesthetics, she serves as the in-house designer for Caffeinated Press. If you like the look of The 3288 Review, buy her a cup of tea -- she built the fabulous visual design of the journal.
Cullen McCurdy

Cullen McCurdy resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan and attends classes at Grand Valley State University as a Creative Writing major. He is set to graduate in May 2016, at which point he’ll probably lie down in a corner and sob about his life’s loss of meaning. In the meantime he works as part of Caffeinated Press’s editorial team, but this engagement is merely a ploy to convince everyone he's doing something with his life.

He loves seeing a work-in-progress and there are few things more exciting to him than watching a story grow from first to final draft. He offers experience with science fiction, future fantasy and high fantasy pieces, but he's happy to help with pretty much any genre.

When he's not working for Caffeinated Press, he is a would-be novelist with over a thousand pages of unpublished chaff literature, plus a PC-gaming obsession. Some days he like to taunt himself by reading the published work of more talented authors. Other interests include compositing CGI renders of swords, classical music, sword form in sabre and longsword styles and Iaijutsu, the Japanese method of drawing and cutting with a katana in the same movement.
Lisa McNeilley, Ph.D
Prose Editor, The 3288 Review

An accomplished book editor and writing coach, Lisa serves as prose editor of The 3288 Review.
Alley Saltz

Alley Saltz grew up in the Detroit area and moved to Grand Rapids to attend Calvin College. She majored in English and business administration. Though she moved back to her home town to marry her high school sweetheart, she still has kept in touch with many of her college friends and feels that Grand Rapids is her home. In addition to editing, Alley also enjoys writing, photography, and spending time with her two children.
Alison Westra

Alison specializes in short stories and literary fiction.
Brittany K. Wilson, CPC
Chief Financial Officer, Caffeinated Press

Brittany Wilson is a jack-of-all-trades — writer, editor, finance ninja, NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison, healthcare data analyst, wife and cat mom (and cat volunteer!). Like many prolific writers of the 21st century, her writing journey began with a dream that a dear friend convinced her to turn into a story, which ultimately turned into her first fanfiction. Fifteen years later, Brittany is sitting pretty on the board of directors for Caffeinated Press, Inc., wondering where all of her writing time went while she balances the books and answers all of the tough tax questions.

Brittany has an associates degree in business administration, a B.A. in investigative accounting, a partial B.A. in Japanese with a minor in creative writing, and a partial associates in network administration, as well as certification as a professional medical coder. She is living proof that you can take the long and winding path to the future and still come out okay (so long as your tolerance for student loan debt is fairly high).

Brittany lives in Kentwood, Michigan, with her husband, Steve the Network Engineer, and cat, Trouble.
John H. Winkelman
on sabbatical for 2018

A skilled tech guy by trade, John Winkelman’s career has spanned an astonishing array of creative pursuits. In addition to programming, he devours literary works as if his life depended on it. He’s also a skilled martial artist and martial-arts instructor — a skillset he balances with his affinity for napping along the shores of Lake Michigan.

2019 Interns

And now, meet our interns:

Rose Treutle is currently a senior at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids and is working towards a major in literature with a minor in writing. She is set to graduate in Spring 2019. Reading and admiring the awesome work of other writers is her biggest hobby, although in her free time, she also enjoys a good Netflix binge and hanging out with her roommates.

For now, Rose focuses on writing poetry and short stories, until she gains the mental and emotional ability to write a full novel.

She doesn’t know what the future will hold after graduation, but she has high hopes.

Alissa Rabideau is a 2016 graduate of Grand Valley State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Writing with a minor in English literature. Her work has appeared in The Quaker and 30N and she is the winner of the 2016 AWP Intro Award in fiction at the university level. She is a founding editor of Goat’s Milk Magazine and is the current head fiction editor. Very much in the in-between of college and the “real world,” she is currently living in Grand Rapids working at an elementary school where she answers to Miss Alissa. After her internship with Caffeinated Press, she hopes to begin a career as an editor at any publisher that will have her. Or win the lottery so she can spend the rest of her days writing and reading in a comfortable loft above any bright city. Whichever comes first.

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