Caffeinated Press is ceasing operations as of Dec. 31, 2019.

Caffeinated Press is led by a diverse board of directors and supported by several different multi-stakeholder committees.

Board of Directors

Members of the board of directors include:

Jennifer C. Brown
Co-Founder & Director

A leader in the financial-services industry, Jennifer Brown’s history of gently nurturing management positions her well to serve as Caffeinated Press’s community liaison — a role that requires a careful balance of pro-company advocacy mixed with the humility to bear bad news for the board with grace. Jennifer lives in Grand Rapids with a husband and dogs. In her secret life, she's an adventure heroine who saves the day in partnership with damaged-yet-noble manly heroes.
Jason E. Gillikin, CPHQ
Co-Founder & Board Chairman
Chief Executive Officer

By day, Jason Gillikin is a health quality expert, leading Gillikin & Associates, a healthcare quality consulting service focused on analytics, population health management and quality culture.

By night, he leads Caffeinated Press, where he directs the company’s overall strategy and oversees all editorial operations. He puts to good use his years of experience as an editor with a small daily broadsheet in SE Michigan.

He earned a degree in moral philosophy and political science (minors in history, Latin and comparative religion) from Western Michigan University; he’s currently accepted at WMU for a graduate certificate in applied statistics.

Gillikin is an avid backcountry hiker and scuba diver, but he’s also quite content to serve as the chief butler to his pair of feline overlords. For relaxation, in addition to cat-petting, he enjoys casino gaming, premium cigars and fine adult beverages. Usually Scotch. A bottle of which may or may not sit in the back of his file drawer in the office.
Brittany K. Wilson, CPC
Co-Founder & Board Treasurer
Chief Financial Officer

Brittany Wilson is a jack-of-all-trades — writer, editor, finance ninja, NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison, healthcare data analyst, wife and cat mom (and cat volunteer!). Like many prolific writers of the 21st century, her writing journey began with a dream that a dear friend convinced her to turn into a story, which ultimately turned into her first fanfiction. Fifteen years later, Brittany is sitting pretty on the board of directors for Caffeinated Press, Inc., wondering where all of her writing time went while she balances the books and answers all of the tough tax questions.

Brittany has an associates degree in business administration, a B.A. in investigative accounting, a partial B.A. in Japanese with a minor in creative writing, and a partial associates in network administration, as well as certification as a professional medical coder. She is living proof that you can take the long and winding path to the future and still come out okay (so long as your tolerance for student loan debt is fairly high).

Brittany lives in Kentwood, Michigan, with her husband, Steve the Network Engineer, and cat, Trouble.
John H. Winkelman
Director (on sabbatical for 2018)

A skilled tech guy by trade, John Winkelman’s career has spanned an astonishing array of creative pursuits. In addition to programming, he devours literary works as if his life depended on it. He’s also a skilled martial artist and martial-arts instructor — a skillset he balances with his affinity for napping along the shores of Lake Michigan.

The board gratefully acknowledges the service of our former board members:

  • Lianne Crouthers (2014-2015), co-founder/vice chairwoman, director and chief operating officer
  • Julie DeVisser (2014-2015), co-founder, director and chief marketing officer
  • AmyJo Johnson (2015-2017), director and chief marketing officer
  • Tabitha Maloley (2017), director and chief content officer

The board is served by several standing committees:

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee manages the developmental and line editing of work-in-progress and assists writers with their professional development.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee manages the budget, issues stock, addresses regulatory filings, manages human resources and handles banking. The committee is led by Brittany Wilson and membership is open only to board members. The Finance team also manages the relationship with the company’s external accountant.

Marketing Committee

Marketing takes point in growing Caffeinated Press’s brand within the community and in promoting harmonious author/reader relationships. The team coordinates product releases, manages online properties and facilitates special events.

Operations Committee

Ops handles printing, distribution, contracting and related logistics. The committee typically includes only board members.