Oh. Em. Gee. Can it really be a mere 56 days until the kickoff of the 2015 National Novel Writing Month? It seems like just yesterday, I looked at my 2014 manuscript and said to myself, “Self, I should work on this.”

D’oh, wait. It was just yesterday. Time flies when you’re procrastinating from writing! This year, though, no excuses. Not for me, and not for you.

Join us for our NaNo Prep ’15 event on Saturday, Oct. 31; doors open at 1p and don’t close until 2a on Nov. 1. We’ll keep things quiet at first — show up before 7p and we’ll have snacks and Wi-Fi, but also a quiet atmosphere to get your plans ready for launch. From 7p until midnight, we’ll lose the shushing┬álibrarian and encourage open collaboration and the consumption of food and snacks while you prepare.

Make use of our reference library to help you plot your novel or build your characters. Doodle on the white board. Or just take notes free of the distractions of your home and various two- and four-legged dependents.

At midnight … word war! We’ll keep the doors open and lights on until 2 a.m.

Please RSVP, although there’s no cost or obligation. Feel free to bring a dish to pass, if you wish. Dress up in your Halloween finest, if you’re so inclined. No small children or adult beverages, please.

We have space for roughly two dozen, comfortably, with free on-site parking and easy access to the bus (route No. 2).

Kick Your NaNo Novel Off in Style!
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