Caffeinated Press is ceasing operations as of Dec. 31, 2019.

Caffeinated Press welcomes upstanding literary citizens to join us as we connect authors and readers while fostering a stronger literary community in West Michigan.

If you’re interested in getting involved, use the form below to express your interest. A member of the board of directors will get back to you soon for additional conversation. We encourage you to review the FAQ index first, to understand a bit more about who we are and what we do.

Areas of opportunity include:

  • Advertising Rep: Our educational programs and The 3288 Review literary journal both support advertisements. Our rates are affordable. Ad reps work on pure 30-percent commission for every paid sale as non-salaried contractors.
  • Advisory Panel: Join a team that meets twice each year for a few hours to receive updates on our corporate strategy and then to offer insight about our direction and our products-and-services portfolio.
  • Apprentices: Breaking into the literary world isn’t easy. We welcome apprentices to assist with very specific projects as a way of gaining experience within the industry. Apprenticeships in editorial, sales and finance are available. Depending on the time of year, these six-months stints may or may not include a stipend, and a minimum weekly hours commitment is required. An apprenticeship is not an offer of employment and is generally more intensive than an internship.
  • Board of Directors: Board members are shareholders in the corporation. They assist with strategy and often work through day-to-day operations — distribution, finance, marketing, editorial, etc. Board members should have a solid background and commit to substantive engagement with the company. At present, board members aren’t compensated — and they’re expected to open their wallets each month to help keep the books balanced, or to find other meaningful ways to add value to Caffeinated Press. A non-trivial weekly time investment, including mandatory office hours, is required.
  • Consultants: A consultant is available to us for questions about specialized areas of interest. Usually these folks enjoy subject-matter expertise that would help us, and they’re not averse to occasional questions.
  • Editors: Editors get deep in the weeds of a given book, serving as developmental editors or as evaluators of our advance review copies. Editors work with us under contract and are paid on a per-project basis. (This group includes designers, as well.)
  • Faculty: Know something useful and want to get the word out? If you create an online learning module for us, we’ll promote and host it and you will get a percentage of that module’s total sales.
  • Interns: Interns join us for three-month blocks, with or without academic credit, engaging in the behind-the-scenes work of a publisher under supervision of our executive editors. Our internships require a total hours commitment and are not compensated.
  • Investors: We welcome leaders who support our mission with through the sharing of treasure instead of time or talent. We offer shares of non-voting stock at $25 par value with a $500 minimum investment. This contribution supports our educational programming, routine operations and more advanced marketing and engagement.
  • Promotions Team: Support us with social media or staff with us behind-the-scenes at events and activities. Party planners, unite!
  • Readers: People who receive advance review copies of forthcoming titles to offer a last set of eyes — and, if possible, reviews or blurbs. Readers will evaluate at least one title per year, or more if they’re interested in the content. A good reader will offer high-level feedback on the work as a whole and identify whatever glitches (typos, misalignments) they experience when they read. They also will help promote the books they read within their own social networks. Readers are not compensated but may optionally be referenced on our website or on a completed book’s copyright page.

Caffeinated Press is not hiring employees. Please do not use this form to solicit W2-type employment. If you’re interested in submitting content to us, please use our Query page.

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You're welcome to add files (resumes, letters, whatever) to support your message.

After you submit the form, you’ll be taken to a page that summarizes your context statement. You’ll also receive an email from us confirming that we’ve received the form. That email contains a link — we encourage you to correspond with us through that link.