One of the things we’ve learned over the last year is that West Michigan writers are spread across the area with very tenuous threads connecting them. Some groups — like the poets — do fairly well, alternating among various spoken-word open-mic nights and occasional readings at GLCL. Others (lookin’ at you, genre writers) … well, the infrastructure perhaps isn’t as robust as it could be.

It’s not that writers operate in a vacuum, per se, disconnected from others like office drones in a cubicle farm. Rather, it’s that different writers’ groups emphasize different approaches and genres and (yes) operate in differing sociocultural contexts. So links between groups could stand¬†some strengthening. And information useful to all writers tends to lie scattered across different websites and email blasts, which makes researching more obscure opportunities a pain in the backside.

As a service, then, we’re pleased to unveil a refurbished community forum with several useful features:

  • You need not log in to read the useful stuff.
  • If you do want to log in, you can create a local account or use Facebook, Twitter or GitHub to log in.
  • You don’t need to be affiliated in any way with Caffeinated Press to use the forum. We don’t care if you’ve queried us, or published with us, or bought the books we produce. We do care about building a stronger community of local authors and readers. (And if you’re also a local small press — welcome aboard. We’re not doing this for the hard sell, or even as a significant marketing venue for our own portfolio of products and services.)
  • We welcome announcements of special events, or your new book releases, or just general chat about the craft of writing. Our moderators will only step in when things get spammy or disrespectful.

Interested? Check out to get started (or click Community in the top menu bar of our site). We hope that his forum, over time, becomes a publicly curated one-stop shop for news about the local literary scene.

(Oh, and by the way — because we wholly own the infrastructure behind this forum, we are happy to work with your writing group or organization¬†or special-event team to host a protected group within the forum. No cost to you, of course.)


Introducing Our New Community Forums
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