Have you ever been curious about what it takes to grow from “curious about publishing” to “published author?” Consider signing up for our new brief online course, Establishing Yourself as a Professional Writer.

In this course, we will explore:

  • Your motivation for writing for publication
  • The reasons that traditional publishing can be so difficult to break into
  • Discuss 10 different things you can do to prepare yourself for traditional publishing

All you need to do is register then work through the 17 separate (but succinct!) modules. This course is text-heavy; you’ll get some observations in each module followed by a journaling exercise or a 30-day challenge. A one-question quiz at the end helps us gauge if we’re on-track with the content we’ve delivered. This course is not optimized for submitting to, or working with, Caffeinated Press—it’s a broader look at publishing for folks who need a bit of insight into how the literary world works.

This course is the first in a year-long series of seminars between Caffeinated Press and Write616 (formerly the Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters). Each month—on the third Tuesday at the Avenue for the Arts in Grand Rapids—we’ll host a one- or two-hour in-person session, for a nominal fee to benefit Write616 and its continuing non-profit mission to advance authors throughout their career cycle. The content will also be released on the Caffeinated Press website. Sometimes for a fee, sometimes for free; we will use these seminars as a way to help keep our small press going instead of charging reading fees.

Because this is the first of our series, your feedback is welcome. In-depth comments may even earn you a gift certificate to our online store or a coupon code for an upcoming virtual seminar!

Introducing: “Establishing Yourself as a Professional Writer”
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One thought on “Introducing: “Establishing Yourself as a Professional Writer”

  • 2018-01-21 at 9:32 pm

    Debby Percy—my dear wife, wonderful writer, and frequent brilliant collaborator—and I are thankful for all Caffeinated Press does to advance the cause of Michigan writers and writing, which manages to be regional without the limitations of narrow regional focus.


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