Many writers struggle with finding time for perfecting their craft. It isn’t just about writing and producing a story, it’s also about editing, research, character development, scene structure, making the perfect cup of coffee or tea, reading, finding inspiration…

Wow. There is a lot to being a writer.

How do we find the time? How do we become successful without quitting our day jobs? Writers like to eat, too! (And drink… many of us drink and now I know why…)

There is no ‘one right answer’ to this problem. Some writers need to work at the same time every day. Some writers need to hunker down on the weekend. Others don’t have any other choice but to write when the mood strikes – no matter what they are in the middle of doing! Still others schedule their time in pockets throughout the day.

The point here is that you need to find what works for you. Have you tried the every day writing only to find yourself getting discouraged because you missed two days in a row? Switch it up! Have you gone weeks without writing because you have gotten far too used to ‘pants-ing’ it?

Head to the Registered Users forum to share your ideas on what has and hasn’t worked for you. There you might find the suitable schedule for your writing needs.

Or at least a good drink recommendation.

How do I find the time to be a writer?
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