What Can I Submit?

We only accept new material that has not already been published somewhere else (including through self-publishing channels or through online serialization).

If you submit your material to several different publishers, it’ll be exclusive to us only at the point we sign a contract. Until that point, we don’t care if you’ve submitted to just us, or to every publisher in Writer’s Market or Duotrope. If you later elect to remove your material from our consideration, please let us know with reasonable promptness so we can remove it from the pile.

In other words, multiple and simultaneous submissions are welcome.

We accept collections of poetry, and fictionalized biographical or autobiographical essays that share a compelling story.

Nothing is categorically prohibited, content-wise. However, we are less likely to accept for publication within this anthology any material that’s straight nonfiction (how-to stuff, journalistic pieces), unsourced opinion commentary, religious testimony, partisan rants or conspiracy-theory-tinged “thought experiments.” Stories with a clear didactic bent on subjects rancorously debated in the public square are unlikely to be considered for Brewed Awakenings. This anthology is intended for the entertainment of a broad audience; The 3288 Review literary journal offers a more appropriate venue for controversial subjects.

Because our target market is, in many ways, culturally conservative, content that may inflame indignation by the locals, without any redeeming literary merit to offset the ire, will evaluated with a more discerning eye.

What Can I Submit?

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