Timeframes for Accepted Submissions

Accepted manuscripts will include at least one developmental edit offered by our in-house editors. You will receive those edits by mid to late July, or be notified that your work does not require substantial revision. From there, you will have until the end of August to review the requested edits and to prepare your revised draft. During that window, we will sign a contract that confirms payment, licenses rights and sets the official calendar for that year. We require a completed IRS Form W-9 or equivalent, as well as some method of verifying your identity to us. That method can vary—e.g., you can have your contract witnessed by a notary, or visit us in our office, or connect with the series editor on LinkedIn, or Tweet to us from a verified Twitter account, or send us email from your own long-established custom domain—but our legal counsel advises that we must make appropriate due diligence to verify that you are who you say you are. Some authors chafe at being asked to verify their identity; if you fall into that camp, please refrain from submitting to us.

Over the months of August and September, we’ll perform final line edits and prepare the manuscript for printing and distribution. We reserve the right to make relevant edits to style, diction, punctuation and grammar without review or approval by the author. However, changes to the content of the story will always be effected in partnership with the author. When each author’s final production file is complete, a PDF proof will be transmitted for final review.

While we proofread, you will work with our marketing team to obtain a professional headshot, an author bio and a basic online platform, if you don’t already have those things. We expect that by September 1, you will be prepared with a headshot and 250-word bio, as well as a one-sentence and 125-word teaser for your story.

A note about contracts: Because we need everyone to be on the same contract language, we cannot allow for negotiations to terms or provisions within our standard contract.

We intend to release the book in print and ebook form in early-to-mid October. Authors local to West Michigan are encouraged to be present for certain launch events to sign copies, meet readers and perform readings.

The anthology compresses a great deal of work into a very narrow window of time. As such, we will not grant deadline extensions for any reason, including illness or deaths in the family. Missed deadlines will result in immediate discontinuation of your manuscript’s consideration, without appeal and without compensation to you.

However, we reserve the right to adjust deadlines in light of the company’s overall editorial calendar and production requirements. The anthology is often de-prioritized during the production cycle so we can focus on projects with greater revenue-generation potential. 

Timeframes for Accepted Submissions