We do not accept reprints (e.g., second serial rights). If the work has been published in any market in any form, in whole or in part, at any time before we review it, we will not move forward with the project. This expectation includes self-published work or serialized online publication. We may make an exception for small pieces within a larger collection—e.g., we’d consider a poetry collection if one of the poems had won an award and was published elsewhere. However, the author must provide us with written verification that we can reprint that specific work without any additional licensing fees or contracts. We will not independently license works from other publishers.

We occasionally encounter newly minted MFAs who pitch a thesis novel. If your institution publishes extended passages of the novel online, even as part of publishing your thesis, Caffeinated Press cannot publish this work.

We will consider subsequent editions of a non-fiction work (e.g., a textbook) if the edition presented to us differs from the original by 10 percent or more.

We will also consider chapbooks by local authors if some of the poems had been previously published in a variety of literary journals.

We will verify, to the best of our ability, whether the work has been previously published, prior to contracting.


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