Caffeinated Press welcomes authors writing under pseudonym as long as the pseudonym is structured like a real name. We require knowledge of your full legal name (that’s what goes on the contract!) but in print, we’ll use your pen name.

When we say “structured like a real name,” we mean that it shouldn’t be obvious that it’s a pseudonym and should follow typical capitalization standards. For author Robert J. Smith, the following pseudonyms are acceptable:

  • Bobby Smith
  • R. John Smith
  • R. J. Smith
  • Robert Smythington
  • George Jones
  • Sarah Herbert

However, we will not allow pseudonyms that look like this:

  • robert j smith
  • Bobby J.
  • Bob from Michigan
  • Fred Flinstone
  • Robert “J-Man” Smith

We impose this standard to signify our credibility as a publisher. As a small press in a deeply conservative part of the country, we enjoy less wiggle room to thumb our noses at our target market’s cultural mores than a San Francisco press enjoys.