Expectations of Contracted Authors

If we extend a contract offer to you, we’ll have an extended conversation about what traditional small-press publishing is all about, so our expectations of each other are fully fleshed out. We’ll discuss a few key learnings:

  • If you’ve never been published before, we invite you to read our Eight Tips for First-Time Published Authors for thoughts about the book-development process. Publishing is a lengthy process filled with long periods of quietude. Not all early-career authors are prepared for this cadence, or for the division of labor between author, editor and publisher. The turnaround time on a manuscript ranges from nine to 36 months, and the specific timing of a project’s release (we do not commit to launch dates until the book is complete) depends on the overall production schedule for the press as a whole.
  • Our long-form contracts, although they follow a standard template that generally adheres to author-friendly best practices, remain open to negotiation (anthology and journal contracts do not). We ask, however, that if you request substantial edits, that you do so in partnership with your attorney. Many changes that have been requested of us over the years by authors unguided by legal counsel, that have been either superfluous or contrary to Michigan law.
  • To maximize the success of any given editorial project, we all need to be on the same page about:
    • Caffeinated Press’s editorial schedule
    • The mandatory use of our online project-management tools (we do not conduct business by electronic mail)
    • The modeling of appropriate adult behaviors including non-disparagement and non-harassment standards
    • Understanding of, and conformance to, Caffeinated Press’s editorial policy manual
Expectations of Contracted Authors

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