Content Considerations

The fixed structure of a literary journal and the fact that many contributors must be covered under a uniform contract means that we must set some more narrowly tailored content requirements for The 3288 Review than we do for long-form submissions like novels, textbooks or poetry collections.

  • We accept original, unpublished work only. No reprints. Note that making your writing available for public viewing online counts as “previously published.”
  • We do not accept multiple submissions. We only accept a single submission per creator per issue. If we receive more than one submission from a single person in an issue, we will only consider the first work submitted for publication.
  • We only accept complete works. No synopses or partial pieces. No excerpts of larger works. Submissions must be self-contained and fit within our publishing guidelines.
  • We do accept simultaneous submissions, but we request that you state this when you submit, and notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • Because of the tight schedule inherent in periodicals publication, we only accept work which is publication-ready. Work which requires more than the briefest of line edits will be rejected. As time and schedule allow we will include editorial notes with the rejection letter.
  • We reserve the right to make edits for typos, clarity and grammar corrections. If you have any requests regarding formatting or layout please include them in the comments field. We reserve the right to edit all submitted work to make it conform to our style guidelines, which closely match those of the Associated Press. We generally do not accept experimental styles that eschew punctuation, capitalization or quotation marks at the expense of comprehensibility by ordinary readers.
  • Poets: all poems submitted must have titles. If you prefer we use the first line of a poem as its title we will do so, but you need to format your submission to include the first line as the title.
  • We only allow pseudonyms that look like real names, and we follow standard conventions for capitalization and punctuation.
  • Please allow 90 to 120 days for a response to your submission.
  • And finally, we recommend that you read a recent issue of The 3288 Review before submitting. Make sure we are the right venue for your work before you submit to us. For poets and artists this will also show the design restrictions within which we operate. Issues are available through the Caffeinated Press online store and from If you live in West Michigan you can also find copies on the shelves at The Sparrows Cafe in Grand Rapids and The Bookman bookstore in Grand Haven.
Content Considerations

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