Assignment of Rights

Because we recognize that some authors are particular about the specific terms of rights assignments, we individually negotiate specific intellectual-property terms as part of our standard contracting package for long-form works. In general, we retain only an exclusive license to publish the work in paper, e-book and audio book form while the work remains an active part of our catalog. The length of the catalog term is explicitly identified in our contract. We only request English-language rights for those territories where our wholesale distribution partners maintain a presence.

Our contracts for anthologies and the journal function similarly, but are not subject to negotiation, given our need to operate under a single rights regime for a given product. These contracts may include a non-exclusive license to republish after the exclusive window concludes.

You must be able to transfer exclusive rights to us as specified in the contract. Any other licensure, including non-exclusive licenses to other publishers or corporate entities, is not permissible.

Assignment of Rights

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