Anthology Submission Procedure

Submitting to us is mostly harmless.


  • Ensure that you’ve prepared your material so that it’s pristine and conforms to our request for submission—cover letter, synopsis, content. For queries, we only allow PDF documents. If we accept your piece, we’ll follow-up with a request for a Word or plain-text file.
  • If no one else has reviewed your material besides you, then it’s not ready to submit. Find a critique group or a trusted gaggle of peer writers or poets to sharpen and polish your piece before you shop it. We’re generally pretty good at spotting first-draft submissions and we’re equally as good at rejecting them out-of-hand.
  • We do not require fancy formatting. No need to offer old-school cover pages, elaborate page headers, funky fonts or blank pages within the file. We care about the content, not the package!


  1. Read our editorial guidelines and the FAQ about Brewed Awakenings. We’ve built them to help you!
  2. Visit the Caffeinated Press submission page.
  3. Answer all the questions on the submission form. Upload your cover letter, your synopsis and the item you’re submitting. For the anthology, we do not want a sample, we want the entire piece. We only want to see samples from folks pitching novels or textbooks.
  4. Within zero to 15 minutes, you’ll receive an email confirmation that includes a link to the ticket that represents your submission. Hold on to this message. You can reply to it by email to add comments or questions at any time. We’ll reply through that ticket, too. If you don’t get the email, then check your spam folder. If you cannot see the ticket auto-reply, you’ll never see our response.


  • We never intentionally reject with silence. If you think you’re being ignored, please reach out. It’s entirely possible we misfiled something somewhere, even within our electronic ticketing system.
  • In some cases, you’ll get a rejection within a few days. This usually happens when there’s a technical problem with what you submitted or the material is far enough discrepant from what we’re looking for that the editor in chief declined to present it to the rest of the editorial team.
  • Regardless of when you submitted to us, you’ll receive your answers in June. We make our editorial decisions after the annual reading window closes for a given volume.
  • You are welcome to use that ticket to follow-up with questions or comments about your submission or to withdraw your piece.
  • If you create an account at using the email address associated with your submission, you can track all of your tickets from a user dashboard. That access covers all correspondence and the totality of your submissions to us after January 2018. Accounts are free. We do not sell or rent your information. And they give you access to our community discussion forums.
  • If you submitted to Vol. 4 before January 2018, we’ll migrate your query into our ticketing system in May or June and reply from there.
Anthology Submission Procedure