Caffeinated Press is ceasing operations as of Dec. 31, 2019.

Please direct correspondence, invoices, contracts, etc., to us through the use of the form on the bottom of this page (please scroll down). We also accept postal mail.

Contact Information

Caffeinated Press, Inc.
3167 Kalamazoo Ave. SE
Suite 203
Grand Rapids MI  49508-1475

(888) 809-1686

Tweet to us @CafPress or @3288Review or visit us on Facebook.

Use the handy form below to reach out to us. Your message will be added to our ticketing system; a member of our team will reply to it as soon as we can. (Your emails sent to our support address will automagically route through this ticketing system, so whether you use the form or your email program, the result’s the same.)

If you elect to send us mail through the U.S. Postal Service, please do not send certified or registered mail that requires a signature. We are rarely in the office when our mail carrier arrives, so it’s very likely that certified mail will be returned to you after several failed delivery attempts.

Phone Calls

Although you’re welcome to call us, the odds are almost zero that you’ll reach a live human, given our intermittent office hours. You are strongly encouraged to use the contact form, below, instead of calling the office.

Caffeinated Press does not have the bandwidth to offer free advice about the publishing process or to answer hypothetical questions about whether we’d be interested in a proposed manuscript or project. We will not return calls to authors seeking this information. We encourage you to either submit your manuscript and wait for our determination, or if you need advice about publishing in general, to purchase a block of Author’s Consulting Time.

Office Location

Our Grand Rapids office is located in the Ken-O-Sha Professional Building, which sits at the intersection where 32nd Street dead-ends into Kalamazoo Avenue, just south down the hill from the Meijer store at 28th and Kalamazoo; we’re immediately adjacent to a stop for The Rapid’s Route No. 2.

If you’re visiting our office, please enter the building through the set of doors closest to the road—and call ahead or check our Events page for office hours, because we do not maintain ordinary, fixed schedules. Our office is not fully ADA-accessible; the building vestibule supports limited-mobility guests, but to visit our suite, you must traverse a half-flight of stairs.

Contact Form

Please use the form, below, to correspond with us. A few quick points:
  • Many questions are already answered on our FAQ page. We welcome questions about our editorial guidelines, but we encourage you to read the guidelines first. If you ask us something already plainly addressed in the FAQ, we’ll likely respond with a terse RTFM comment—if we respond at all. (But new questions not covered in the FAQ? We love those.)
  • Given our structured editorial workflow, we cannot answer hypothetical questions about whether we’d accept your content. Please submit your material through our Query page. There’s no shortcut to our Query process, which means we cannot accept your manuscripts by electronic mail.
  • Although we strive to answer messages with all due speed, some messages (e.g., that must be addressed by the CEO) can take up to six weeks to get a response for non-urgent matters. Please be patient.
  • We do not appreciate unsolicited commercial messages offering B2B services, SEO/Web services or any other product or service.

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