A few words of administrivia from Caffeinated Press Galactic Headquarters in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan:

  • We’ve just updated our online calendar with open office hours, special events and related activities, through the end of 2018. Check it out!
  • A general “release party slash book celebration” is on the docket for November, but we haven’t nailed down a time/venue yet. Stay tuned.
  • Because we’ve grown weary of the significant time-cost of managing our own online infrastructure (website, email server, project-management tool, forums, etc.), we’re migrating to a vendor-supplied platform. For most of you, you won’t notice much — but our editors and authors (and soon, submitters and correspondents) will see a more sparkly and more robust environment than you’ve enjoyed so far. Authors and editors, in particular, will receive individual invitations soon to their new projects with the new vendor’s tool. The appearance of relative quiet is a function of our behind-the-scenes migration work.

We’re entering a peak production season. Get ready: Winter is coming, and so is an onslaught of great literature!

Calendars and Projects and Tools, Oh My!
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