We’ve been privileged to publish the works of many superior writers. For a complete list of authors published in our literary journal, The 3288 Review, please visit the journal’s Contributors page. For authors featured in our anthology and long-form works, see the table below.

AuthorPublicationFor More Info
Alexandra, KesiaBrewed Awakenings 2Twitter
Booth, Jessica AnnBrewed Awakenings, Brewed Awakenings 2Blog
Browning, Jennifer C.Brewed Awakenings
Davis, JeanA Broken Race, Brewed Awakenings 2Author Page | Blog
Galford, ChrisBrewed Awakenings 2Blog | Interview
Gillikin, Jason E.Brewed AwakeningsBlog
Gundry, Lisa AnneA Crowd of SorrowsAuthor Page | Blog
Hanlon, E.C.The One Friend Philosophy of Life
Heart, Lilith A.Brewed Awakenings, Brewed Awakenings 2Twitter
Johnson, AmyJoBrewed Awakenings
McNeilley, LisaNeed to Know: College Success Seminar
Meyer, MelanieBrewed Awakenings, Brewed Awakenings 2
Moore, Phyllis H.Brewed Awakenings 2
Nevaer, LouisBrewed Awakenings 2
Pauls, CharmaineBrewed Awakenings 2Blog
Powell, A.J.Grayson RisingAuthor Page | Blog
Price, Erika D.Brewed Awakenings 2
Reene, JasonBrewed Awakenings
Rourke, Naomi BrettBrewed Awakenings 2Facebook
Schafer, SommerBrewed Awakenings 2Blog
Seate, Jay T.Brewed Awakenings 2
Seewald, JacquelineBrewed Awakenings 2Blog
Winkelman, JohnBrewed Awakenings