Caffeinated Press is proud to host our Fall Boost Event this Wednesday, Nov. 8, from 6p to 9p at the Books and Mortar store at 955 Cherry Street in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The event is a drop-in open-house style affair—come and go as you please, meet authors, enjoy readings from several of our published authors and network with fellow lovers of literary excellence over appetizers and beverages. No RSVP needed.

At this event, we’re proud to launch:

  • The 3288 Review, volume 3, issue 1. This is the first issue of our literary journal to feature contributors 100-percent sourced from West Michigan.
  • Isle Royale from the AIR—this anthology, edited by Phillip Sterling, features a collection of short stories, personal essays, poems, songs and art from 25 years of artists-in-residence at Isle Royale National Park.
  • Jot That Down: Encouraging Essays for New Writers—this collection of short, inspirational essays, edited by A. L. Rogers, offers great advice for aspiring authors.
  • Ladri—A dark urban fantasy novel by Andrea Albright, set in her Crimson Gallery universe.
  • Off the Wall: How Art Speaks—a unique collection by painter Mary Hatch and poet Elizabeth Kerlikowske, this book features a selection of Hatch’s paintings accompanied by a Kerlikowske poem inspired by it. A great interplay of verse and canvas.

In addition, we’ll offer a selection of books from our active catalog, including:

  • A Broken Race—a dystopian novel by local author Jean Davis.
  • A Crowd of Sorrows—poetry from Lisa Anne Gundry.
  • Grayson Rising—a YA fantasy set, partially, in Grand Rapids, written by A. J. Powell.
  • The One Friend Philosophy of Life—a period YA novella by Massachusetts author E. C. Hanlon.
  • Prior issues of The 3288 Review.

So show up. Buy some books from us and some books from the great guys at Books and Mortar. Meet, eat and greet.

If you believe in the value of local, independent bookstores and support local authors and local indie presses, then we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday night!

Attend our Fall Boost Event!
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