The third installment of our annual house anthology, Brewed Awakenings, will be released this coming October. The reading window for this volume closes on May 31 — so you have plenty of time, and no excuses, for crafting a short story or an essay for submission.

Want to learn more? Visit our Anthology FAQ page … or, if you’re bold, jump straight to the submission form at the bottom of our Query page.

A few tidbits —

  • We do pay for submissions (see the Anthology FAQ) and we don’t assess a reading fee.
  • Preference goes, all things being equal, to authors with a West Michigan connection.
  • No theme. No mandatory word count. No required genre.
    • However, flash pieces and novellas are less likely to be entertained unless they’re flawless.
  • Our editors read submissions blindly, so please respect the anonymity of our process.

If you’d love to learn more about the anthology before you submit, you should purchase a copy. We’re happy to sell them to you. Volume 1 remains in print; volume 2 has both print and e-book options for your reading pleasure.

For those fearless souls out there who very patiently waited while volume 2 was significantly delayed, take heart — we’ve expanded the BA3 editing team from one person to four! We’re aiming for an on-time release this year.

Questions? Let us know using our Contact Us page.

Are You Ready … for Brewed Awakenings 3?
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