Caffeinated Press is pleased to announce the release of Trust, the first book of The Narvan series by Jean Davis.

From the back cover:

At long last, peace emerges from the bitter war that ravaged the worlds of the Narvan. Anastassia Kazan brought about the end to the fighting between Vayen Ta’set’s homeworld of Artor and Artor’s rival, Jal. When she offers Vayen a job on her team of bodyguards, he leaps at the opportunity. He’ll do anything to keep Artor on the path to recovery.

Protecting the paranoid and mercurial woman whose deals and threats keep everyone in line is a tough, thankless task. One drunken night with Anastassia makes Vayen question why he got the job and whether he should keep it. But no one else on the team is willing to earn Anastassia’s disfavor by calling her out on her reckless choices. Reckless will get her killed and send the Narvan back into chaos.

Not everyone is happy with Anastassia’s changes on his homeworld and beyond. She’s also on less-than-friendly terms with her deadly ex-partner. Then Vayen discovers that Anastassia is only middle management. The Council she works for harbors ambitious plans for the Narvan’s military forces.

How much is Vayen willing to sacrifice to keep the Narvan at peace?

Davis — a native of Holland, Michigan — has written several self-published novels and short stories. Discover this charming, hard-working author by connecting through her Facebook page.

When you buy your copy of Trust from Caffeinated Press in either ePub or print format, significantly more of your sale price supports the author. Alternatively, you’ll find this book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in most ebook marketplaces.

Announcing ‘Trust’ by Jean Davis
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