Caffeinated Press is pleased to announce the release of Isle Royale from the AIR: Poems, Stories, and Songs from 25 Years of Artists-in-Residence. This collection of essays, poems and songs was edited by Phillip Sterling—himself a former Isle Royale artist in residence—and features contributions from (in order of appearance):

  • Keith Taylor
  • Robert Root
  • Louis Jenkins
  • James Armstrong
  • Gary Lawless
  • Jan Zita Grover
  • Ann McCutchan
  • Xue Di
  • Andrew C. Gottlieb
  • Marianne Boruch
  • Kevin McKelvey
  • Kathleen M. Heideman
  • Glenn Freeman
  • Krista Eastman
  • Jeff Lockwood
  • Terri Bocklund
  • Phillip Sterling
  • Russell Brakefield

The volume also includes art and photography from jd Slack, John Hubbard, Claude Mikkola, Kathleen M. Heideman, Phyllis Fredendall, Robert deJonge, Phillip Sterling and Mary Brodbeck.

This delightful collection was blurbed by Ron Reikki and includes a forward from Glenn Freeman. We were pleased to nominate “What God’s Teeth Know” by Heideman and “No Blaze, No Trail, No Sign” by Freeman for a Pushcart Prize.

Interested in this book? Here’s what the back cover teases:

The Isle Royale Artist-in-Residence Program—familiarly referred to as AIR—has for 25 years been a source of inspiration and creativity for a variety of artists, writers, and musicians. In celebration of this milestone, Isle Royale from the AIR provides a representative sampling from 18 writers (and six Michigan visual artists) who have transfigured the park’s wild beauty into poems, stories, essays, songs, paintings, and photographs.

Isle Royale from the AIR is available to purchase directly from Caffeinated Press or by order through your local bookstore.

ANNOUNCING: “Isle Royale from the AIR”

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